Our Feature Products

Organizational Module

The Organizational Module provides information exchange, documents through workflows for a doctor, nurse and

other related patient care professionals through electronics and information exchange and their recovery

The Organization Module is the most effective method of operation

EHR Module

We manage data management in healthcare with our primary and largest application module

We have a health information model specification for clinical data representation in OpenEHR (www.openehr.com). ISO 13606.

EHR can take future clinical concepts and universal interoperability into account. Auto-generated web forms.

Scheduler module

Scheduler module helps to view scheduling, whether booked or blocked, as slots available,

The amount of data displayed is checked by various 'views' Day-View restricts the slot of the resource to the daily visits specified, and similarly weekly.

In an overlapping view multiple resource schedules for understanding the availability of a collaborative event could be viewed.

Module of Billing

Specialized module on the top of the Patient Billing Module.

Supporting co-pay, bill payments, patient transactions. The module produces monthly information for patients and flags for ageing

Module of Accounts

This module is used to charge and claim modules.

The transactions conducted by account holders such as the practise or patients were more important (Client Accounts).

Income, payments and transfers are some of the basic types of transactions. The module supports transaction querying, check balance, etc.

Module for CDSS

A key feature of health information technology is the support of clinical decisions or CDS.

If CDS is effectively used, the quality of care increases, the results of health improve,

the avoidance of errors and negative events, efficiencies increase and costs are reduced and provider and patient satisfaction increase.

Claim Module

Patient claims management module.

The module offers the following functionalities, such as the sending of electronic claims, the automatic explanation of benefits,

the payment postings, the reporting of claim status, a claim change, the coordination of benefits, the printing of CMS1500 claims.

Workflow Module

Workflows with more than just a clinician help to perform a collaborative effort and measure performance efficiency and quality.

Each practise has its own workflow in order to achieve goals,

can be managed and staff can perform their task within their workspace Savings time to search for data.